Can a Darts Player Become a Better Slot Machine Player?

If you are an avid darts player, then there will always be slot machines and fruit machines nearby where you are playing, much more so if you play in your local pub or club. That does beg the question can a darts player become a better slot machine player.

There is of course always going to be the chance that if a darts player puts as much time and effort as they do playing darts into playing slot machines, they could very quickly master several slot playing strategies, and win many more times when playing those gaming machines than they ever thought possible.

However, you do always need to be aware of the risks of playing slot machines, for they are, at the end of the day, random games of chance, so you could win at any moment or end up playing off losing spin after losing spin.

But there are a few slots playing systems and strategies that experienced slot players can learn and adopt that believe it or not are going to give them a much greater chance of winning whenever they do set about playing slot machines.

With that in mind, if you do enjoy playing darts, but fancy trying your luck playing slot machines too, then read on for I will be passing on a range of slot playing tips, strategies and system that you should set about learning and mastering too.

Fruit Machines Are Suitable for Darts Players

Fruit machines work in completely different ways to casino styled slots, for they have been designed in such a way that over a set number of spins, they are legally required to return to players a certain long-term pay-out percentage.

So, for example, if you set about playing one that has been set to return 90% of players stakes, then once a fruit machine has been played a certain number of times, and a set about of cash has been played off and through a fruit machine, its payout percentage will be 90%.

Due to that format and structure, many players have mastered the very fine art of playing fruit machines to increase their winning chances, and to do so, they simply wait and watch other players playing a fruit machine, which could be easier to do than you think if you are playing darts in your local pub.

By watching and seeing if other players have been losing when playing a fruit machine, savvy players will then jump on that machine once that losing player calls it a day and stops playing.

Those savvy players then simply play the fruit machine, but will continually gamble every win that spins in via the gamble feature, the aim is that as the fruit machine has to pay-out a set pay-out percentage, they will eventually win the jackpot via that gamble game, due to the fruit machine having to make its pre-set pay-out percentage once the cycle of spins has been completed.

Skill Based Casino Slot Machine Bonus Games

Playing darts does of call for a lot of skill, and the more experience you get playing, the better a darts player you can become, and that is very true of playing certain types of slot machines too.

Some slot machines will be offering players a true skill type of bonus game which means that when you trigger those bonus games the way you play them off will determine just how much you will win.

Therefore, if you put as much time and effort into playing those types of slot machines which do have true skill bonus games as you do playing darts, then each time their true skill-based bonus games have been triggered, then you will be guaranteed of winning the maximum pay-outs possible, by playing off those bonus games perfectly.

However, it could cost you a small fortune to play slot machines until the bonus games have triggered and then learn how to play off those bonus games perfectly when playing in a real money playing environment.

But that isn’t the case if you play slot machines offering such a bonus game via the demo mode online versions of those slots, as that way you can play them for hours, days and even weeks at no cost what so ever, but by playing them more and more you will soon master the art of them playing off those bonus games optimally.

Aim to Win a Progressive Jackpot

Some slot machines do of course offer players the chance of winning one or even more than one progressive jackpot, and if you want to learn how to play those types of slot machines much more strategically, then please do read on.

The thing to remember about any type of progressive jackpot awarding slot machines is that a small percentage of three stakes you and all other players play them for is being used to feed the jackpot pools, and as such the base game can often have a much lower RTP that non-progressive jackpot slots.

There are however some ways of playing progressive slots to increase your chances of winning big, and the first way is by only ever playing them when the progressive jackpot on offer is higher in value than the amount they usually get won at.

As such if you find a progressive slot machine that tends to award its jackpot to players when it is around 10,000.00 in value, and its current jackpot is over 10k then that is a time to play that slot, as an overdue jackpot can be won at any minute.

Also, be on the lookout for any slot machines that have guaranteed hit by jackpots those being slots that have a jackpot attached to them that is going to be awarded before it reaches the pay-out listed on the slot game screen.

One of those guaranteed hit-by jackpots are going to be won when they are not far off their guaranteed payout amount, so only play them when they are fast approaching those guaranteed pay-out values.