Fallon Sherrock and Glen Durrent Premier League Darts 2020, Nottingham

Fallon Sherrock draws with Glen Durrant on Premier League debut, Darts Betting

Darts and Darts betting has existing as long as the game was first played. The game was even challenged in court because some thought darts was a game of luck, therefore, would not be allowed to for money in English public houses. However, a demonstration within the courthouse proved to all no luck was involved and the case was dismissed, and dart has remained in English Pubs ever since.

In the 1960s and 70s, darts gained a huge following all over the United Kingdom. Although there was limited Television coverage at the time, the News of the World (NoW)Individual Championships proved to be the darting title any good player wanted to win. Best of three legs in all rounds played at an eight-foot oche, unlike the shorter distance most matches are played today.

In the 1970s, darts hit the big screen. The NoW Finals was screened by BBC Grandstand the biggest sporting program of its time. The Now Championships no longer exist, but they sparked a global interest in the sport notably across Europe and later the USA and Asia.


Jocky Wilson


Professional player today are thankful for the influence some of the past players played to help mould the sport into multimillion sporting success. Players such as Jocky Wilson, Bobby George, John Lowe and Eric Bristow all played a role in the development of the sport and to ensure the game was seen by as many as possible. Players now play for life-changing amounts of money. The winner of the PDC World Championship picks up a cheque for £500,000.

From a betting perceptive this game is a perfect choice there are many options that a bettor can choose from. This has been made easier by the different sites to bet on darts that have favourable terms.

Events To Bet On

The biggest event each year is the PDC World Championship. It is shown over two weeks from the middle of December with the finals being played on New Year's day, The PDC crown the first World Sporting Champion each year.

Darts, like boxing, has more than one organisation running events. The BDO was the first to hold an individual world championship. Approached by the BBC, the first event took part in 1978. The sponsors at the time were cigarette manufacturers, but due to advertising bans and the image of drinking on stage, darts had a downfall.

Olly Croft, the past chairman of the BDO, couldn’t see a way out or now how to take the sport further. The decline affected the top professionals, and sixteen left the BDO to form their won darts organisation, the World Darts Council (WDC). The WDC ran into a dispute with the BDO and Olly Croft which would only be settled in a court. As a result, the WDC was renamed to the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). Since then, the PDC has grown into a global phenomenon.

Both the PDC and BDO still co-exist each holding their own World Championships. However, it is the PDC World Championships that is now recognised as the major event between the two and each year ninety-six qualifying hopefuls live the dream of becoming the next world darts champion.

The BDO holds its World Championship In January each year. However, there are calls to change the event date due to the near-clash with the PDC own championship. The 2020 BDO World Championship also had significant issues. The venue was changed from the iconic Lakeside County Club to a minor club area of the O2 arena. Sponsorship for the event hadn’t been fully thought through, and players were rewarded with significantly less prize money than they first expected.

Apart from the World Championships, events can be seen most weekends. TV Coverage of the PDC tournaments is prime. Sky, ITVSport and the BBC all broadcast events and some of the most significant include the Premier League, the UK Open, Grandprix, Grand Slam, World Cup (team event) Masters, Players Championship and World Series. European Tour events and develop tours are either broadcast by major TV Broadcasters or live streamed by the PDCTV.HD

Having highlighted many events, then the next major thing is to know the different sites to bet on darts.

Betting sites


During her league darts debut, Fallon Sherrock made Premier League history for becoming the first female player to play in the darts league. Playing as a Challenger in round two in Nottingham, Fallon played former three-time back-to-back BDO World Darts Champion, Glen Durrant, and secured a 6-6 draw.

Fallon shot to fame at the age of 25 years in the 2020 PDC World Championship. Fallon became the first woman to defeat a man in the event. Fallon defeated Ted Evetts and then the No.11 seed Mensur Suljoivic. Fallon was later defeated in round three by Chris Dobey.  The media response was worldwide and huge. The PDC rewarded her with her biggest pay cheque and an invite to compete in the World Series events.


Fallon Sherrock, 2020 Premier League


Her night at the Nottingham Motorpoint Arena was the biggest audience she had every experience, and she loved every minute. Calling on the crowd to be kind to Glen and respect both players play.

Falon has also qualified for the UK Open in March will be in action later this year in the World Series.

Full Results The Premier League Round Two, Nottingham