Gerwyn Price - The Pantomime Villain of Darts

Gerwy Price

(Fans have hurled abuse this year, and some of it has hit the target for Gerwyn price)

The Pantomime Villain of Darts

There’s nothing we love more this time of year than going to a pantomime. Cheering the goodies and booing the baddies is all part of the fun in this fantasy world. But it’s not always so much fun when it happens in real life.

With the PDC World Championship of Darts well underway at Alexandra Palace in London, there is one lead character who would like nothing more than to leave his unwanted image ‘behind you’ and let his darts do the talking. After a year of unfriendly receptions following his run-in with Gary Anderson and Simon Whitlock at the Grand Slam of Darts, Gerwyn Price has had enough. Oh, yes, he has!

Playing the Part

Price played up to his image at first, saying that he didn’t mind a bit of fun and a joke, but recently it has started to get out of hand, with boos and abuse week in, week out. Many people have taken strongly against Price and wouldn't even back him with a free bet offer, let alone their own hard-earned cash. But now he is keen to turn darts fans around as it is starting to affect his game.

Boos get Gerwyn down in Dublin

A particularly hostile crowd in Dublin for the World Grand Prix saw him knocked out in the early stages recently, despite being on fine form in the latter part of this year. “It took its toll and got on top of me,” he told BBC Sport. It was the last straw, and in response, he has made a pact with the fans, promising to tone down his over-the-top celebrations and alleged gamesmanship if they tone down their attacks. It seems to have worked, with far more friendly crowds cheering him to three ranking finals. Whether both sides can keep to their agreement as the pressure heats up for the biggest prize of all remains to be seen.

Sixth time lucky?

Price will certainly be hoping that both he and the crowd can keep their cool, as he hunts for the one major trophy that continues to elude him. He has not had much success in previous World Championships, going out by round three in each of the last five years. However, after defending his Grand Slam of Darts title recently, he will be hoping for better this time around. Whether that will bring cheers or boos from the audience, only time will tell.


PDC PDC World Darts Champions

Year Winner Sets   Sets Runner-up
2019 Michael van Gerwen 7 - 3 Michael Smith
2018 Rob Cross 7 - 2 Phil Taylor
2017 Michael van Gerwen 7 - 3 Gary Anderson
2016 Gary Anderson 7 - 5 Adrian Lewis
2015 Gary Anderson 7 - 6 Phil Taylor
2014 Michael van Gerwen 7 - 5 Peter Wright
2013 Phil Taylor 7 - 4 Michael van Gerwen
2012 Adrian Lewis 7 - 3 Andy Hamilton
2011 Adrian Lewis 7 - 5 Gary Anderson
2010 Phil Taylor 7 - 3 Simon Whitlock
2009 Phil Taylor 7 - 1 Raymond van Barneveld
2008 John Part 7 - 2 Kirk Shepherd
2007 Raymond Van Barneveld 7 - 6 Phil Taylor
2006 Phil Taylor 7 - 0 Peter Manley
2005 Phil Taylor 7 - 4 Mark Dudbridge
2004 Phil Taylor 7 - 6 Kevin Painter
2003 John Part 7 - 6 Phil Taylor
2002 Phil Taylor 7 - 0 Peter Manley
2001 Phil Taylor 7 - 0 John Part
2000 Phil Taylor 7 - 3 Dennis Priestley
1999 Phil Taylor 6 - 2 Peter Manley
1998 Phil Taylor 6 - 0 Dennis Priestley
1997 Phil Taylor 6 - 3 Dennis Priestley
1996 Phil Taylor 6 - 4 Dennis Priestley
1995 Phil Taylor 6 - 2 Rod Harrington
1994 Dennis Priestley 6 - 1 Phil Taylor