PDC Home Tour Darts

PDC Home Tour

The world has seen a lockdown since the emergence of COVID-19 and the effect of live sport has been challenging. However, one sport that has seen an increase in participation and LIVE online games is darts.

The usual packed sports stadiums for all sports have been suspended and this includes Premier League Football and Darts. However, the PDC came up with a novel idea to stage a home base darts tournament also featuring all of the PDC tour cardholders. Each of the players plays using their home dartboard setup with the use of video smartphones and other video equipment live stream their play.


Footballers Home Tour Special

This seems to be a massive hit with players, fans alike and has even given way to a Footballers special. Charlie Austin, Declan Rice, Paul Gallagher, James Maddison.  Paul Gallagher was the overall winner, winning all of his three matches averaging over 75, and checkout a 108 along the way.

Dart fans will be hoping that the lockdown will soon be eased and travel restriction lifted. The return to normal, however, does still seem a way off. In the meantime, internet use is up, and many are now playing online games to past the time. The eurojackpot as proved popular with those who like lotto games and each entry give a player the chance of winning millions of Euro. The resultados eurojackpot show just how much you could win, so why not take a look.


Darts Fun

From online gaming and board games, darts has once again proved a fun leisure time activity. Suppliers have spoken of an increase in sales of dart equipment as many new to the game pick up a set of arrows for the first time.

The beauty of the sport allows old, young, male and female to compete on the ground. It is also an excellent way for children to learn basic mathematics while they enjoy a fun game. Before they know it, they have learned a times-table, addition and subtraction.



If you need some help, you can download a checkout chart to help you along the way. Regular players will have a preferred checkout route and memorise checkout combination. But if you are new to the game every little helps!

There are many apps and online darts leg calculators that you can download or use while you are playing, however, professional players make these quick assessments in their head, and any player will tell you, you need to know the combination shots so you can play without hesitation.


Club and Pub Leagues

Clubs and Pubs are always looking for new players to join their teams and with a small amount of practice, you too could be joining the 2020-201 league season. Although you will find the seasoned pro’s within the leagues, there are always newcomers, and with a good captain, he or she will ease you into league play. For some, this may prove difficult as these can be serious competition, and a few nerves can mean the difference of hitting a double or not. However, all players that play or have played in a social club or pub team will tell you this is natural and they have all gone through good times and bad when playing the sport. But you will not know how good you are until you join a team.


Super League and Competition

If you are good enough, you might be selected to play for your local town or area Super League. Here you may even play some of the stars that have been on TV.

There are lots of competitions an amateur can enter just look for the ones that state ‘Open’ pay your entrance fee and have a go. Who knows you may be the next Michael van Gerwen or Trina Gulliver in the making. Our partner: https://lottopark.com/