PDC World Darts Championship 2020


PDC World Darts Championships 2020

The PDC World Darts Champions has become the go-to Christmas Party of the Year, and if you come in fancy dress you might even win a prize!

The 2020 World Championships returns to the Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally), the new home of darts! For the last two weeks of 2019, with the final being played on New Years Day, the top players from around the World compete for £1.5 in prize money with £500,000 going to the winner. This single event can make all the difference in the PDC Order of Merit ranking system as players try to protect their placement by achieving or bettering the result they may have gained two years ago. The PDC ranking system is based on a rolling two-year tournament-winning, unlike a point system that other organisations adopt.

In 2018 Rob Cross beat the legend of the sport Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor in the final. Winning the event propelled Rob into the limelight and high up in the 2018 and 2019 ranking stats. However, at the end of the 2020 tournament the £500K he won for the 2018 event will be removed from his name and the winning he may earn in the 2020 championship added. This could me Higher or lower ranking for Rob at the end of the tournament.

Rob’s recent 11-6 victory over Gerwyn Price in the European Championships as certainly put him back in the running for the 2020 World Championships. For qualifying players, seeds and the latest odds, you can find more details on this bet365 review and other similar resources online.

The favourite to retain his World Championship title will be the young Dutchman, Michael van Gerwen. Gerwen has dominated the sport since the legend Phil Taylor retired in 2018. During 2019, Gerwen has won the Premier League, World Grand Prix, the Champions League, and the World Series. However, his hasn’t had it all his way, losing out in the early rounds of the European Championships and the UK Open. He is beatable, but it is hard to bet against him.

Peter Wright has also shown some recent good form producing the highest average ever seem on a non-televised darts match, 123.5 in the Players Championship. The game was streamed via PDCHD.tv and is higher than the highest televised average ever achieved which is held by Michael van Gerwen 123.4. However, his fans have come to expect the last hurdle is sometimes a bit too much for the Scotsman. Peter certainly has the talent, and recent form suggests a major win is on the cards. Could 2020 be Peters year?

New Players

Last year the PDC World Championships had its biggest field of players, including two lady qualifiers. In 2020 there will again be two places reserved for ladies. Their places are earned by winning one of two knockout tournaments. One based in the UK the other in Europe.

Nathan AspinallThe World Championships also showcases new stars as well as some old. All players have to qualify to feature in the televised event, so no wildcards are given. One name that will again grace the Oche is ‘Paul Lim’. The ageing darter is best known in the Philippines, parts of Asia and the USA for playing Soft-tip darts. However, Lim is also famous for hitting the only nine-dart leg to date in the BDO World Darts Championships back in 1990. Paul Lim nearly achieved the same feat in the 2018 World Darts Championship, in a match against Phil Taylor. It will be thirty years since he showed the world the perfect leg and who would bet against him achieving another although the fist televised nine-darter was thrown by the legend John Lowe MBE.

In 2019 one of the best new stars to make his name at the World Championships was Nathan Aspinall. Reaching the semi-finals, Nathen was on a roll, but was he a one-hit-wonder? Absolutely not! Nathen went on to win the UK Open and the US Masters as part of the PDC World Series of events. This young man can throw an arrow and is tipped to do well in 2020.

New players can find the stage at the Ally Pally a little daunting. Its size is likely to be bigger than anything the player may have played on before, although it isn’t the biggest venue the PDC have staged events.


Premier League

A good World Championship can also give a player a Premier League spot. The top four players by order of merit automatically gamin a place, a further four is determined by preferences and tournament wins a player may have gained during 2019, these are known as the PDC Wild Cards. The remaining two sports are chosen by Sky TV. These players tend to be players that give real entertainment from previous years such as Raymond van Barneveld (2019 season). However, Glen Durrant might be an outside choice having won the past three BDO World Championships. All will be revealed at the end of the 2020 World Championships.


PDC World Champions - Past Winners

Year Winner Sets   Sets Runner-up
2019 Michael van Gerwen 7 - 3 Michael Smith
2018 Rob Cross 7 - 2 Phil Taylor
2017 Michael van Gerwen 7 - 3 Gary Anderson
2016 Gary Anderson 7 - 5 Adrian Lewis
2015 Gary Anderson 7 - 6 Phil Taylor
2014 Michael van Gerwen 7 - 5 Peter Wright
2013 Phil Taylor 7 - 4 Michael van Gerwen
2012 Adrian Lewis 7 - 3 Andy Hamilton
2011 Adrian Lewis 7 - 5 Gary Anderson
2010 Phil Taylor 7 - 3 Simon Whitlock
2009 Phil Taylor 7 - 1 Raymond van Barneveld
2008 John Part 7 - 2 Kirk Shepherd
2007 Raymond Van Barneveld 7 - 6 Phil Taylor
2006 Phil Taylor 7 - 0 Peter Manley
2005 Phil Taylor 7 - 4 Mark Dudbridge
2004 Phil Taylor 7 - 6 Kevin Painter
2003 John Part 7 - 6 Phil Taylor
2002 Phil Taylor 7 - 0 Peter Manley
2001 Phil Taylor 7 - 0 John Part
2000 Phil Taylor 7 - 3 Dennis Priestley
1999 Phil Taylor 6 - 2 Peter Manley
1998 Phil Taylor 6 - 0 Dennis Priestley
1997 Phil Taylor 6 - 3 Dennis Priestley
1996 Phil Taylor 6 - 4 Dennis Priestley
1995 Phil Taylor 6 - 2 Rod Harrington
1994 Dennis Priestley 6 - 1 Phil Taylor