Are VR Darts the Darts of the Future?

VR Darts


The idea of virtual reality (VR) has been around for a lot longer than you might think — it dates back to the 1800s. It wasn’t until the mid to late twentieth century that virtual reality started to more closely resemble what we know it as today. But over the last decade, the technology behind VR has dramatically improved.

As augmented and virtual reality march into the mainstream, the future of all types of games — video games, real-life sports games, casino games, board games, and so on — is said to lie in this virtual world. Naturally, that also includes popular pub games like darts. Below we’ll compare darts and virtual darts, and take a look at where the future of darts might be headed.

Darts vs. VR Darts: The Equipment

Not much equipment is needed for a game of darts. All you need is a dart board, some arrows, and maybe a pen and paper if you want to keep score. With virtual darts, you’ll need a VR headset and controllers, which will set you back at least a few hundred dollars.


VR Darts

VR Darts

VR Headsets Offer More Than Darts

Where as a physical game of darts has only one use, you’ll be able to get many more uses out of a VR headset and equipment, which makes it more attractive to business owners and consumers. Plus, over time, VR technology will become better and more affordable. So not only will more consumers try it out, but more businesses will invest in it as well. For example, a pub that wants to reach a younger audience might consider investing in VR gaming and offering classic pub games in VR format. They could offer a game like Sports Bar VR, which lets players play games like darts, pool, and shuffleboard in a virtual bar.

VR Darts Can Reach a Wider Audience

When played on a VR headset at home, the virtual game can expose younger generations to the game who otherwise might not come into contact with it. Additionally, for younger players, VR darts is a lot safer — there won’t be any worries about someone accidentally getting hurt. But the game could also have the potential to reach a wider audience globally, and introduce darts to people who live in areas where darts is not common.

Virtual Darts Tournaments

Competitive gaming tournaments are a big deal now, with gamers getting paid salaries to compete, fans paying to watch gamers compete, and serval colleges starting eSports leagues, to name a few. So it should be no surprise that virtual darts is gaining steam. As mentioned, virtual darts has the potential to reach a much wider audience, and it could attract darts fans, eSports fans, and gaming fans alike. So in this way, VR darts fits right in with the future of sports and gaming.

Verdict: Are VR Darts the Future?

Physical darts will likely hang around for a long time, especially in pubs. The equipment needed is cheaper, and there’s no real concern of damage to the equipment like with VR equipment. So although VR offers a fun new way to play the game, virtual darts likely won’t be replacing the real deal any time soon — it will be some time yet before the virtual world takes over.

However, since nearly all other types of games are expected to turn over to virtual reality (and are already doing so), it’s fairly safe to say that VR darts will be the darts of the future. As the virtual world starts to take over worldwide, expect to see more people playing virtual darts than the real deal out in public and at home. Virtual darts offers a spin on a beloved classic, and it has the potential to be more accessible to a wider audience worldwide. In plain terms: The love of darts will live on for many, many years to come. It just might move to a virtual world.