Darts: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Play

Darts is a sports game which is played with 3 darts and a dartboard and is played indoors. There are 20 numbers across the board, a bull and a double-bull, sometimes also referred to as bull’s eye. Each of the numbers features an area in the centre, which is called triple and the outer area, which is called double. There are usually 2 players competing against each other in professional darts or 2 pairs.

There are many variations of games which can be played in Darts but there is only 1 official version which counts towards the World Championship - 501. The goal is to accumulate all 501 points with the least number of throws. The maximum points a player can get with 3 darts is 180 (3 x triple 20). Any dart thrown outside of the dartboard will be considered as 0. The outer-bull contributes 25 points and the inner-bull 50.


A begginers Guide

The only way to win a game of 501 is to end the game with 0 points to score. However, players must also score a double in order to win. If there is no score divisible by 2, for example, 13 then the player needs to score an odd number lower than 13 and end up with an even number. The player scoring a double on an even number and ending up with 501 points scored is the winner of that leg.

In official competitions, are played in multiple legs or in set format anything between 5 and 13 sets in each match. Sets can also vary between the best of 3 or 5 legs per set. This allows players who have started on the wrong foot to a chance to recover.

Psychology in Darts

In some ways, dart players can be associated with boxers or wrestlers due to their aggressive hairstyles or demeanour. Eye contact is considered as a provocation during a match and it is not uncommon to see over-reactions during key matches which can ignite the entire audience. Some dart players know how to “play” the crowd in their favour just by acting or celebrating wildly.

Nerves of steel are required to keep hands steady with thousands of fans shouting and jeering. The pressure can become too hot to handle for some players and they will eventually fade into the jaws of defeat.


Peter Wright - Hair

It is important to know the history of competing dart players during competitive matches as the overpowering characteristics of one can strangle the other, no matter what the rankings may say. This is especially relevant to punters looking to place a bet on their favourite player. With so many offers around it is hard to decide which one to opt for but the virgin offer seems like a good deal.


No matter how many times a player has won a Championship, there is no disputing that true champions act like gentlemen, both in good and bad times. Whilst tensions may arise during the course of an encounter, it is vital that both players accept the result and merits of their opponent. Giving credit where this is due is one of the most inspiring moments in darts history.