All You Need To Know About Darts

All you need to know about darts


In order to succeed in the online world, many businesses turn to endorsements to propel themselves into the limelight. This is true particularly of casinos and major sports but less so for the relatively unknown sport of darts. Darts is popular as a fun and entertaining game, most often played in pubs or at home but is less commonly watched as a sport by the masses.

With this in mind, it can be hard for darts to get any media coverage or exposure as there are fewer celebrities for example, who would actually put their face to the brand. The Swedish footballer, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, for example, is currently rumoured to becoming the new face for the online casino Bethard, something that could potentially propel the casino into a higher standing and allow more people to hear about the brand as a whole.


Zlatan Darts


Darts is not as popular as this, yet it still manages to have sponsorships and endorsements making the game available and known throughout the world. For example, Sky Media has taken the sport on and now broadcasts all major championship events throughout the year in a deal that covers the next seven years. Whilst this is not a celebrity face bringing the sport to the masses, this is still pushing the sport into the public eye, potentially increasing its popularity.

There are a number of famous darts players that do still have a modicum of fame and coverage, though Phil Taylor, one of the top players has just retired. Taylor was, in fact, considered to be one of the most dominant players in darts and had a more consistent record than sportsmen in many other sports. Sadly at the end of his career, he was unable to beat the younger generation so consistently. Be that as it may, he has still done much for the sport and may soon find himself being requested for endorsements.


Phil Tayor says goodbye to competive darts