How To Bet on Darts


How To Bet on Darts

Darts betting is very popular because of its accessibility. There is an incredible atmosphere at darts matches, especially during the major tournaments. It's a brilliant spectator sport filled with high energy and excitement, from the music, to the characters on stage, to the crowds cheering on their favourite shooter.

During major tournaments, the atmosphere at darts matches is incredible. Punters can also try their luck with great betting opportunities. Sports bettors may only notice darts sports when one of the major tournaments, the World Champions, the World Matchplay, or the Premier League, is televised. As the tournaments get closer, more and more people will wager on the winners of the tournaments.

Pre-tournament is the best time to find the best prices on favourites for any sport, but you should not limit your selection solely to the odds that you think are going to be the eventual winner. Darts betting has some markets to consider that reduce the risks of a player going all the way and lifting the trophy.

It's probably not hard to spot some pretty good value in the To Win Quarter of a draw for a darts tournament. The outright favourites tend to dominate some quarters, and in such cases, betting on a player to win a quarter might offer some value. Even though the player is unlikely to go on and beat a favourite in the latter stages, quarter betting offers value on them nonetheless.


Popular Darts Market

Aside from the obvious match bonuses for games in a tournament, bookmakers also offer other options such as Correct Scores or even Handicaps. There are more markets you can check out, which include; the total 180s that are scored, the number of legs in a match, whether or not the first dart in the match will be a treble twenty, whether a nine-dart finish will occur and even the winning double or winning colour. If you stop and look around a little bit, you may be surprised just how many darts betting options are available to you.

You can find more facts on how to bet on darts when you read the darts betting tips, we offer. You will find more tips essential to your gameplay and retain your bankroll.


Live Darts Betting

Darts is a very dynamic sport to bet on live due to the rapid rotation of games and legs during a match. When you are watching and betting live at the same time, it can add to the excitement of the game. Darts is a very dynamic game that can change very quickly, so a punter can anticipate some decent shots at a profit. You don't have to limit yourself to just picking who will win the match or what the final score will be, as you do with the pre-match markets. There are alternative markets, like the score a player gets with their first throw. You have to stay on your toes because it's a fast-paced game.


How Darts Matches Work

The objective of most darts matches is to score points by throwing three darts at the dartboard one at a time. There are twenty radial sections on the dartboard, each representing a point from 1 to 20 plus 2 rings that triple or double the points if a dart lands there.

There are two bullseyes on a dartboard, with the inner bullseye valued at 50 pts and the outer bullseye valued at 25 points each. The 501 system is used majorly in professional tournaments. Players are required to finish on a double and compete to reduce their score to zero from 501.

A winner is declared when one player reduces their score to zero first. There are primarily two formats for darts tournaments: sets-based and legs-based. A legs-based competition consists of matches over a certain no of legs. For example, if there are five legs, any player that wins three wins the match).

The rules for set play competitions dictate that players must win specific legs (usually 3) to claim a set and win the highest number of specified sets to claim the match. There are some tournaments in which the requirement to claim a win is to win two legs or sets or claim the set with two clear legs if the match reaches it.



These are the valuable information everyone who wants to try their hands on dart betting needs to know. With this information, you know where to start from and know what specific terms mean.