The best darts casino games for darts fans


The Best Darts Casino Games For Darts Fans

By all accounts, the popular pub game is experiencing somewhat of a resurgence. YouTube analytics show the hashtag #darts is picking up traction as new fans discover the exciting sport.

Maybe it's the big personalities and their wild entrances, the electric crowd interaction or the seemingly impossible 9 dart feats, but arrows are back on the map, and people are taking notice.

Online casino games have always reflected broader societal trends with a selection of themed games, and darts is no exception. Of all casino games, slots leave the most room for developers to customise and leave their mark on. We take a look at some of the best darts themed casino games for you to try today.


Dart Heroes

Darts Heroes

With official rights to the names and likenesses of some of the sport's heavyweights —Raymond van Barneveld, Michael Van Gerwen, Phil Taylor and Gary Anderson — you really feel like you're stepping into the world of professional darts when you play Darts Heroes.

Darts Heroes is an exceptionally polished slots game featuring five reels, a staggering 243 active paylines, free spins and bonus rounds. Our darts protagonists have been transformed into some sort of Marvel superhero hybrids—we especially liked MvG's green Hulk persona.

Graphics and animations match the bright futuristic theme that has been established, and narration comes from the iconic voice of Russ Bray. You'll even be treated to an inimitable "ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY!" if you're lucky.


Jackpot Darts

Jackpot Darts

Developers Playtech brings you Jackpot Darts. A fun darts themed distraction that will keep you occupied for shorter playtimes. To win, you simply need to wager how many darts will land in a single, double or triple bed.

You must opt in to access the progressive Jackpot and instead predict how many darts will land in bull or outer bull. It's worth keeping in mind that when playing for the Jackpot, your RTP (return to player) drops down to around 90%.

As you'd expect from Playtech, the game is slick and well-made with nicely executed graphics. We like the wooden dartboard cabinet and accompanying chalkboard that really set the mood.


Darts 180

1X2 Network, the brains behind the Darts 180 game, have pushed the boundary of what can be considered a slot. The three reels you might find on a fruit machine have been replaced by the three darts of each visit to the board and we think it's pretty shrewd to make that connection.

Although each dart is random, we feel that Darts 180 is the closest you'll get without playing a purely skill-based darts game. Beyond the unique mechanic, the rest of the experience is pretty straightforward—there are no feature games, free spins or wilds, simply the higher your score, the higher your stake multiplier, with a hefty max of x1000 for 180.


Double Top Darts

A traditional 5x3 slots setup—five reels and three symbols visible vertically on each reel—with 20 paylines and a chance to win 500x your stake. Double Top Darts is a no frills slots game of which you'll have no problem with approaching the oche.

The feature game is where the action takes place. Two darts are thrown; the first awards the player that number of free spins, and the second, the amount of 'wilds'. During this phase of play, the chances of winning big money are multiplied. And once again, we're treated to commentary from Russ Bray.


Lucky Darts

Microgaming's Lucky Darts is arguably the most authentic fruit machine simulation on this list. As you'd expect from developers of this calibre—they were responsible for the world's first online casino in 1994—the sound design, animation and graphics are on point.

You're faced with a simple 3x3 reel display, three hold buttons and an uncomplicated five paylines. Because of this, it's immediately apparent when you've won, which may not be the case on games with paylines in their hundreds.

The Lucky Dart symbols are your wilds—landing one in the centre of the middle reel will significantly improve your chances of winning. Lucky Darts, for us, felt like a fruit machine you're likely to find at the pub, and it's all the more charming because of it.


Rush Darts Live

Rush Darts Live features a host of professional dartists for you to pit against one another in a simulated 501 leg. Each of the ten pros has their own stats, and you have the opportunity to predict certain outcomes before each player's visit to the oche. You win money based on the generated odds and accuracy of each prediction.

Rush Darts Live features video recordings of the game, and once again, Russ Bray's booming voice calls the score. It's a deceptively immersive experience in spite of its simplicity and enables you to create some of your fantasy darts matchups.

If you can't get enough of the darts, even at the casino, the games on this list are an exciting way to keep that treble twenty close at hand. We recommend you 'checkout' any one of them today.