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Darts-UK website is dedicated to keeping darts alive. Here you find the latest UK darts information gathered from across the nation. If you are a pub or local league player checkout the dart venues finder, if you are new to the sport then have a look what's on offer to the budding dart enthusiast. Here you will find detail about disability darts and youth dart development.

Although this site is about UK based darts, I have also decided to include some of tournaments that are also promoted by the BDO and PDC but played overseas.

I have also included a few useful resource downloads: Dartboard Set-up, Checkout Chart, Tournament Charts, and Score Pad. Dart Games for the standard London Clock dartboard, plus UK regional dartboards: Yorkshire, Manchester, London and Ipswich 5’s has been updated also feature on this website.

You will also find tournament charts all you need to run your own mini darts tournament on this site.

This site also contains information about Disability Darts, the dartboard set-up, it’s history and useful contact details.

Please enjoy this website, and if there is anything you would like to see please contact us.


World Darts Championships 2022

PDC Darts PDC: William Hill World Darts Championships Dec 15 - Jan 3, 2022 Sky Sports Darts

The World Dart Stage is set for another 15 days of World Darts. The PDC William Hill World Darts Championship, live from the Alexandra Palace, London.

Ninety-six players will compete for the Sid Waddell trophy and the first prize of £500,000 with a total prize fund of £2.5M making this event the richest darts event in the World.

At the time of writing, a few tickets are still available. However, these tend to sell out fast so if you want to join the party, I suggest you buy your tickets now or be disappointed.

Veteran Paul Lim has again qualified for the TV stages of the World Championship, and at the tender age of 66, he is by far the oldest tungsten slinger in this event. Paul came to fame by hitting a nine-dart leg in the BDO World Darts Championships back in 1990. Since this feat, no other BDO player has been able to emulate Pauls achievement at a BDO World Championship. He will remain the only player to have hit the holy grail of darts in this event.

Paul has qualified for the PDC Would Championships several times and again nearly landed a nine-dart leg at the 2018 PDC World Championships against Gary Anderson, missing double twelve to complete the feat. I am sure many a pundit may put a small wager on Paul in the 2022 World Darts Championships.

Tickets for this event sell out fast, so book your ticket now. Follow the PDC event ticket Link below to see what is available. If, however, were not lucky enough to purchase a ticket for this event, then no worries, the event will be shown on Sky Sports in the UK / Ireland and various TV stations around the World.


PDC World Darts Championship - Buy Tickets

PDC Darts WDF: World Darts Championship - Lakeside Jan 1-9th, 2022 EorosportDiscover +

Following the demise of the BDO, the World Darts Federation WDF will hold its first World Darts Championships in January 2022. A return to the famous Lakeside County Club venue will please many fans as they see this venue as the home of World Professional Darts. The Lakeside hosted and, in later years, sponsored the BDO World Championships until a decision to relocate to the O2 Arena was made in 2020. It was the last World Darts Championships the BDO managed, and the event was littered with issues from the lack of fans attending the new venue to the prize fund not being what the players expected to receive. However,  a return to Lakeside and the management of the WDF should place this anticipated event back on an even keel.

The prize fund isn't as vast as the PDC events, and the number of players participating in the TV stages will not be as many. The New WDF World Darts Championships will feature a men's, women's and youth event.

The WDF World Darts Championships will feature on EuroSport and Discovery +

Tickets, Tickets and Accommodation are available for this event, and details can be found on the WDF website.


WDF World Darts Championship – The Lakeside Tickets


Printable PDC, WDF, and UKDA Dart Events calendars are available on this website. Please select the calendar under the resource tab above. Due to the frequency of change, please check the last updated date at the top of each calendar and the governing body or organisers websites for further changes. PDC | WDF | UKDA


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