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Darts-UK website is dedicated to keeping darts alive. Here you find the latest UK darts information gathered from across the nation. If you are a pub or local league player checkout the dart venues finder, if you are new to the sport then have a look what's on offer to the budding dart enthusiast. Here you will find detail about disability darts and youth dart development.

Although this site is about UK based darts, I have also decided to include some of tournaments that are also promoted by the BDO and PDC but played overseas. However, this website doesn’t cover all the events organised and come under the WDF.

I have also included a few useful resource downloads: Dartboard Set-up, Checkout Chart, Tournament Charts, and Score Pad. Dart Games for the standard London Clock dartboard, plus UK regional dartboards: Yorkshire, Manchester, London and Ipswich 5’s has been updated also feature on this website.

You will also find tournament charts all you need to run your own mini darts tournament on this site.

This site also contains information about Disability Darts, the dartboard set-up, it’s history and useful contact details.

Please enjoy this website, and if there is anything you would like to see please contact us.


Now is the time to improve your game

Live darts has been suspended across the UK. With the closure of pubs, clubs and venues. Now is the time to use this spare time to improve and practise your game. Try new products and find the best setup that will give you the edge over others.

Although our sports is mainly played in the pubs and social clubs, if you don’t have a home setup now is the time to purchase one. Mainstream suppliers sell a cast array of darts equipment and including training aids, barrels, stems and flight and if you are looking to upgrade to a professional set of darts now is the time to make that purchase. Use the Darts-UK parent site ‘Darts501’ discount code for purchases over £25.00 at Pure Darts, one of the country’s leading dart suppliers.

Pure Darts stock leading brands Winmau, Unicorn, Harrows, Target, Datadart, McCoy’s, Ruthless, Tommy’s and Pure Darts own brand. Fast delivery and you can attract up to 11% discount by applying the discount code ‘Darts501’ to any orders you make over £25.00. Terms and conditions apply so see the Pure Darts website for further details.


Pure Darts - Darts Suppliers


BDO-Darts BDO: Is this the end of the BDO?

The England Darts Organisation (EDO) have published a statement and proposal for the way forward for the three nations, England, Scotland and Wales. The proposed Tri-Nations world see an end to the nation’s alinement to the BDO. The article written by Tommy Thompson on behalf of Tri-Nations Ltd and subsequent business plan illustrates the BDO account downfall and highlights reasons for the three nations to form a new set-up for the start of the new darts season starting September / October 2020.


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PDC-Darts PDC: PDC Premier League 2020

The PDC remain optimistic as they rearrange the cancelled April fixtures.

The FlyDSA Arena, Shielfield initially scheduled for Thursday, April 9 has now been rescheduled for Thursday, July 2.

The SEE Arena Belfast, initially scheduled for Thursday, April 2 has yet to be rescheduled.

Keep up to date with the PDC event changes visit:


PDC Coronavirus Event News Upates

Darts fans can still watch darts on TV. Sky Sport is currently broadcasting repeats of previous events on Sky Sports Action

General: Dart Events Postponement / Cancellations

Due to most events being postponed or cancelled for the remainder of March and April the featured events list has temporarily been removed. Postponed, Cancelled and rescheduled event details are currently changing by the day. Fans that may have purchased tickets or are looking to attend events should first check with the event organisers for any changes that may affect the scheduled event.

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