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Darts-UK website is dedicated to keeping darts alive. Here you find the latest UK darts information gathered from across the nation. If you are a pub or local league player checkout the dart venues finder, if you are new to the sport then have a look what's on offer to the budding dart enthusiast. Here you will find detail about disability darts and youth dart development.

Although this site is about UK based darts, I have also decided to include some of tournaments that are also promoted by the BDO and PDC but played overseas. However, this website doesn’t cover all the events organised and come under the WDF.

I have also included a few useful resource downloads: Dartboard Set-up, Checkout Chart, Tournament Charts, and Score Pad. Dart Games for the standard London Clock dartboard, plus UK regional dartboards: Yorkshire, Manchester, London and Ipswich 5’s has been updated also feature on this website.

You will also find tournament charts all you need to run your own mini darts tournament on this site.

This site also contains information about Disability Darts, the dartboard set-up, it’s history and useful contact details.

Please enjoy this website, and if there is anything you would like to see please contact us.


PDC: Grand Slam of Darts: November 9 - 17 Sky Sports


PDC Darts PDC: PDC Grand Slam of Darts, Nov 9 - 17 Skysports

This unique event features the top PDC players and BDO players in one event. World Champions from both divisions will be joined by players that have also made the qualification for the tournament. Michael van Gerwen (PDC World Champion), Glen Durrant, (BDO World Champion) and Mikuru Suzuki (Ladies BDO World Champion) are just a few that make up the 32 strong squad of players that will compete for a share of £550,000 and the Eric Bristow Trophy.

Initially, the players are split into eight groups of four for a round-robin phase, with the top two players from each progressing to the knockouts

Live on Sky Sports in the UK and various other channels around the World

PDC Players Champions Finals and World Youth Final Nov 22-24


PDC Darts PDC: Players Championships Finals, Nov 22 - 24 ITV Sport / ITV4

The Players Championships is a series of events that has been streamed via PDC.TV during the year. Players are ranked upon their performance with the top 64 players progressing to the Championship finals. This event is a straight knockout and ranking is based upon the player's performance during the event known as the Pro-Tour not the PDC Order of Merit.

The World Youth Championship Finals will be played on Sunday Nov 24

Live on ITV4 / ITV Sports in the UK and various other channels around the World



PDC Darts PDC Dart Events - November

1 - 3 World Series Finals Amsterdam ITV4 / ITV Sport
9 - 17 Grand Slam of Darts Wolver'pton Sky Sport
22 - 24 Players Champ'ship Finals Minehead ITV4 / ITV Sport
24 World Youth Champ'ship Final Minehead ITV4 / ITV Sport


PDC Darts PDC Dart Events - December

13 - 1 Jan World Darts Championships London Sky Sport



BDO Darts BDO Dart Events - November

2 - 3 Hungarian Classic / Masters Hungary  
8 - 10 Irish Open / HPR Open Co. Kerry TBC
15 - 17 Czech Open Czech Rep
19 - 21 Malta Open Malta
22 - 24 Latvia Open  Latvia
23 - 24 Italian Grand Masters Italy


BDO Darts BDO Dart Events - December

30 Nov 1 Dec Saint Petersburg Darts Weekend Russia



BDO YouTube Internet Stream | PDC HD Internet stream Internet Stream | LiveYouTube Live Stream


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