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Dartboard Lighting

Dartboard Lights

Over the past few years a number of manufactures and suppliers have looked long and hard as regards the lighting of a dartboard. The main objective is to have even light across the dartboard that eliminates the shadow of the dart. For most of us however this can be a little out of our price range because these dartboard lighting systems tend to cost c £100.00 or more. So it is worth splashing out the money?

Most dartboard and indeed floor tournament lights are still lit by a single or dual sport light if you are lucky. If these are of low standard wattage they don’t eliminate the dart shadow.

Lighting a board for your home use only requires a few spot lights or a spotlight strip focus directly on the board and if you are lucky your local may have this type of setup and for general use this is fine. But what about the purpose made lighting systems?

Purpose made systems tend to use low voltage LED lighting. This gives a clean light that doesn’t get hot like a standard bulb, it is usually cheaper to run and they give a good light and are designed to eliminate dart shadow. So what are you waiting for?

Here are a few that are now on the market. Each of these systems are designed to give you the best lighting for your dartboard. I haven’t be able to personally tested all so this isn’t a review as such more of what is available and I am sure there are more!



First of all there is the Circumluminator. This has been around for a while and also it does the job upon viewing an early model I was not impressed its construction. However the manufacturer say the newer model has been vastly improved.

The Circumluminator has a circular low voltage bulb built into toughen plastic surround. The light does gives even light and eliminates dart shadow. It does what it says it does and the surround housing can also be customised to advertise your establishment if you so wish.

More details and where to buy can be found here:

Home-Pro Dartboard Light Surround

Home-Pro Dartboard Light Surround

Second up is the 'Home-Pro Dartboard Light Surround' another covered light and on first glance it looks like the Circumluminator however this light houses a standard dartboard surround and is made well.

More details and where to buy can be found here:

Target Darts Vision 360 Lighting System

Vision 360 Lighting System

LED Dartboard Lighting System

This concept form Target Darts is something different. It provides a halo of 125 LED lights that are supported by a metal frame. I have not seen this in the flesh so to speak so I cannot give you much information however I have recently spoken to a local league dart player and he stated his local had installed this devise however his comments were not favourable. He said that if a player needed to move along the oche or they through from the side of the oche, as some players do, then the LED seemed to shine in their eyes. He also added the halo ring was a distraction and personally wouldn’t recommend it.

I personally can’t help but think this type of frame may be an unwanted distraction but time will tell.


Home-Pro Dartboard Light Surround

K W Dartboard Lighting System

This light from Holland uses traditional two spotlight setup however in this case the spots are again low voltage LED’s. The lighting frame mounts on the wall and the arc and positon of the lights is designed to give an even clear light across the dartboard surface. There are several variation of this lighting system and these can be viewed on the manufactures website details below.

Also see the Pro-Series on the Dartboard Lighting website. This lighting system meets the approval of the BDO and PDC.

This is a purpose built spotlighting system I think many of you will enjoy.

More details and where to buy can be found here:

Tournament Set-ups

Tournament Darts Qualifiers

Tournament dart board lighting is pretty standard but could be better, here is an example. The illustration shows the distribution of light, the bulb is focused on the twenty segment to the determent of the rest of the board. This is normal practice but it clearly shows the limitations of using just one bulb to light the board.

A basic setup is a single spot light either fixed to the wall, ceiling of dart stand. This lights the board and this set-up is most common in clubs, pubs and home setups. If you opt for this try using a high wattage bulb fitting and bulb 100w.

Reducing the Shadow

Another way to help reduce shadow, although, this will not entirely eliminate shadow is to have a few spot lights focused of the board from either side I.e. left, right and middle. This can easily be achieved by using one of the commercially available strip spot light set-ups as below.

The cross lighting reduces shadow strength and makes for a much better lighting option than a single bulb.

Available from good DIY and lighting shops.


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