Darts Tournament Draw Chart and Leg Scorer

Tournament Rules

Organising Darts tournaments in your local pub or club is not always that easy. Players need to know the format of play when they arrive and your rules for your tournament. Most Pub & Club league games use rules governed by the BDO ruling and for a comprehensive copy of their rules visit the BDO Website. However, to help you along, most fun tournaments can be organised without too much trauma by using the details a draw list below.

I have produced a couple of basic tournament sheets for you use in your local event. You can download save and reproduce these sheets free for your tournament.


General Rules of a standard Game of 701, 501, 301 Game

Scoring this tournament

You may have other rules that you may wish to apply such match marking i.e. looser of the previous match marks the next. You may wish to impose fines if this isn’t done. You may have a team event and usually, home teams mark.

It is your event so you can make the rules however the more straightforward they are the easy it is for all.

Tournament Sheets

Tournament draw and leg scores can be printed in A4/A3 sizes. By default, the downloads are designed for the typical printer paper size of A4. However, if you own or know someone with a printer capable of printing using A3 paper, you can adjust the print size on your printer.

Set your printer to A3 and scale up the PDF to 200% resolution. Usually, you can see a preview on your PC before you print before you print.