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Pub Finder

There are a number of websites that will help you find a local pub with a dartboard, pool table or have Sky Sports. Most of these are created using a pub list which includes the pub post code or zip code if you are in the US. This information is mapped to a Geo location of Google Maps and the user displays an icon to show its location however creating such a search is not only time consuming but is quickly out of date hence my search for the best UK based Pub finder that has a dartboard and Sky sports.

Having used a few websites that allows you to find UK Pubs and filter your search depending on your requirements i.e. Pubs with dartboards, Real Ale, Live Music, Sky TV etc. There are a couple that work fine as long as the Pub keeps their details up to date.

In the 1980’s the UK had some 68,000 pubs, however that number has diminished drastically to around 49,000. CAMRA ‘The Campaign for Real Ale say some 29 pubs close every week here in the UK, so go and support your local and help keep it open.

Unfortunately, the link I previously provided the ‘Pub-Explorer’ does not seem to be live. I have therefore replaced it with ‘Use Your Local’. The link has been filtered to select pubs with dartboards, you just need to add your location.


Pubs with Dartboards - Use Your Local

Sky Sports Darts

Sky no longer offers a UK pub finder search on their platform. Hence, finding a local pub that broadcasts Sky Sports isn’t as easy as it used to be. However, the latest Sky Sports Darts news and broadcast information can be found by using the link below.


Sky Sports Pub Finder

Other Live Darts TV Channels and iPlayers

Please note some channels require you to have a UK IP address while others will only broadcast to IP addresses that are outside the UK.

BBC iPlayer ITV Player ESPN Winmau TV BT Sport PDC TV HD