Northern Ireland Darts Tournament Winners

Northern Ireland Darts Tournaments Winners

Northern Ireland Darts Organisation (NIDO) Tournament Winners


This page is dedicated to preserving historical UK major tournament history. The information contained on the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland events, unfortunately, isn’t as complete as I would like it to be. If you are able to provide information that may fill in some gaps then please email it to me for inclusion on this page.

In many cases, pairs, trebles and youth tournaments have been excluded from the tournament details listed on this page.

The Information below is correct to my knowledge at the time of publishing, however, use at your own risk. If you need a more in-depth information please contact the major governing bodies who may be able to help your enquiry better than I am able to.


Northern Ireland Darts Organiseation Northern Ireland Open

Year Men's Winner
2019 Kyle McKinstry
2018 Jim Williams
2017 Kyle McKinstry
2016 Keith Rooney
2015 Colin McGarry
2014 Glen Durrant
2013 Glen Durrant
2012 Daryl Gurney
2011 Tony O'Shea
2010 Robbie Green
2009 Martin Atkins
2008 Stephen Bunting
2007 Gary Anderson
2006 Mark Webster
2005 Michael van Gerwen
2004 Raymond van Barneveld
2003 Gary Anderson

Year Ladies Winner
2019 Kirsty Hutchinson
2018 Lorraine Winstanley
2017 Anastasia Dombromyslova
2016 Deta Hedman
2015 Deta Hedman
2014 Paula Jacklin
2013 Deta Hedman
2012 Deta Hedman
2011 Sarah Thornbury
2010 Denise Cassidy

Northern Ireland Darts Organiseation Northern Ireland Matchplay

Year Men's Winner
2019 Keane Barry

Year Ladies Winner
2019 Kirsty Hutchinson