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News Items

Darts news from the UK. Some of the biggest dart events from the BDO, PDC, EDO SDA, WDO and NI. If you are looking for the last events along with television coverage, the PDC and BDO Darts Calendars on this website.

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What are the best knaow slots games in the UK?

What are the most well-known slots games in the UK?

Since slot games were first made available online, they have become increasingly popular.

A dominant part of casino devotees invests more energy playing the gaming machines than some other games in the UK.



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David King | 21/12/2020

Your Internet Betting Business

The most effective method to begin your internet betting business

Any genuine business person realises how hard it tends to be to begin a business without any preparation. This is particularly evident in areas where you need to manage additional enactment.



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David King | 20/12/2020

PDC World Darts Championship Betting

PDC World Darts Championship Betting: Value still with MVG?

This Christmas period marks not only a return to the Alexandra Palace for the world’s best darts players but also the first PDC competition played in the UK in front of fans since March.



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David King | 08/12/2020 |

PDC Q-School 2020

PDC Q-School 2021

To hold a PDC tour card can be the pinnacle of any dart players dreams. But only the best of the best manages to hold on to them. A tour card allows a player compete on the lucrative PDC darts circuit and with over £14M in prize money who wouldn't like a slice of this cake!


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David King | 02/12/2020 |

PDC European Championship Darts 2020

PDC European Championship 2020

The PDC European championships finals are now scheduled to be played at König Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen from October 29 - November 1.

The European finals will consist of 32 players and will feature South African Devon Peterson, the winner of the German Darts Championship and Gerwyn Price, the winner of the Belgian Championships back in March. Reigning European Champion Rob Cross, World 2020 Champion Peter Wright and PDC Order of Merit No1 Michael van Gerwen will also part of the player's line-up in Oberhausen.


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David King | 05/10/2020 |

Dart Tips for British Bettors

Darts Tips for British Bettors

Darts is one of the top spectator and participation sports in the UK, so it's unsurprising there's a flourishing betting market. If you're interested in betting and UK online casinos, give our suggestions a look, and you might find something you like.


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David King | 03/10/2020 |

Raymond van Barneveld set to return to the PDC!

Raymond van Barneveld – Ready to Return to the PDC?

Raymond van Barneveld former five-time World Darts Champion has announced he wishes to return to the professional darts circuit following his retirement in 2019.


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David King | 02/10/2020 |

Pai Gow Poker Rules - How to Play

Basic Overview of how to Play Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a version of the traditional Pai Gow played using the standard 52-deck cards plus a single joker as opposed to the Chinese dominoes. The goal of the game is to make two poker hands, one with a 5-card hand and another with a 2-card hand...


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David King | 11/08/2020 |

Breathing New Life into the Oche

Breathing New Life into the Oche

The health of the UK pub scene goes hand in hand with that of the nation’s darts scene, particularly at the grassroots level. The number of pubs is dwindling, but the number of pubs with a dartboard – a useable and fully functional dartboard – is falling fast. All is not lost though. There are encouraging signs that darts is not just surviving, but actually showing signs of flourishing.


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David King | 21/07/2020 |

The Latest PDC World Champions Odds

As Darts Resumes: Here’s the Latest PDC World Championship Odds

With the World Matchplay now underway, we will get a look at the new normal at the very top level of darts. It will be somewhat strange to see the event played without a raucous crowd providing extra entertainment in the background, of course. But the show must go on, and it will be refreshing to see a big tournament on television. Moreover, it should provide a blueprint for other elite-level events going forward.


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David King | 20/07/2020 |

PDC World Matchplay 2020  - Blackpool Winter Gardens

Darts Returns To TV As 2020 World Matchplay Goes Ahead As Planned

The sporting world is slowly returning to some normality. Following several months of postponed, cancelled or remote events, darts is on the way back to our TV screens this summer.


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David King | 22/06/2020 |

PDC Home Tour Darts

PDC Home Tour

The world has seen a lockdown since the emergence of COVID-19 and the effect of live sport has been challenging. However, one sport that has seen an increase in participation and LIVE online games is darts.


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David King | 11/05/2020 |

Reflecting on Five Pivotal Moments in Darts

Reflecting on Five Pivotal Moments of the Decade in Darts

Nobody is quite sure what is going on with darts scheduling at the moment, so we thought we would aim for a bit of nostalgia and look back at five of moments that shaped the decade. In particular, we are going to look at five standout moments from the PDC World Championship:

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David King | 19/04/2020 |

In Profile: Devon Petersen

In Profile: Devon Petersen

South African thrower Devon Petersen is far from a household name, yet despite his relatively low profile, the 33-year old extrovert commands a sizeable fanbase. His iconic walk-on dances and passionate celebrations have helped him attract a number of new followers, and they'll be hoping to see the Cape Town-born player can start to move up the PDC Order of Merit in the coming months.

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David King | 09/04/2020 |

Best New Dart Players

Best New Dart Players

The dominance of Phil ‘the Power’ Taylor has gone and soon the five-time World Darts Champion Raymond van Barneveld will also be hanging up his darts. Raymond is in his retirement year and will leave the competitive sport after the PDC World Darts Championship in January 2020.  

Who will be next big star?

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David King | 03/04/2020 |

Michael van Gerwen - Still the man to beat in 2021?

Michael Van Gerwen Still The Man To Beat In 2021

There is plenty of uncertainty in the world at the moment, but one thing is for sure; Michael van Gerwen is still the player to beat at the 2021 PDC World Championships. Defeated by Peter Wright in the final of the previous edition, bet365 make MVG their 6/4 favourite for the upcoming renewal, scheduled to begin in December 2020 at Alexandra Palace, London.

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David King | 30/03/2020 |

Fallon Sherrock and Glen Durrent Premier League Darts 2020, Nottingham

Fallon Sherrock draws with Glen Durrant on Premier League debut, Darts Betting

Darts and Darts betting has existing as long as the game was first played. The game was even challenged in court because some thought darts was a game of luck, therefore, would not be allowed to for money in English public houses. However, a demonstration within the courthouse proved to all no luck was involved and the case was dismissed, and dart has remained in English Pubs ever since.

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David King | 28/02/2020 |

A Beginner's Guide

A Beginner's Guide

There are many variations of games which can be played in Darts but there is only 1 official version which counts towards the World Championship - 501. The goal is to accumulate all 501 points with the least number of throws.

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David King | 19/02/2020 |

World Matchplay 2019

World Matchplay: Can Daryl Gurney Capatilise on a Kind Draw in Blackpool?

It's been a frustrating twelve months for Daryl Gurney, who has largely struggled for consistency on the PDC tour, but he will hoping to give his fans something to smile about this summer. The Northern Irishman reached the semi-final stage of the World Matchplay back in 2017, and he will be hoping to replicate that success at Blackpool's Winter Gardens later this month.

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David King | 04/07/2019 °° |

Mark McGeeney - Gladiator

Mark McGeeney

Have a look at the NEW ‘Gladiator’ Mark McGeeney website, it looks great!

Mark is the current BDO & WDF No.1 ranked player and the two-time back-to-back Dutch Open Champion. He certainly made a name for himself in 2017 and he continues his winning streak during 2018. Mark is also a member of the England international squad and will next play for England in the BDO International in Wales 6-8 April

David King | 01/04/2018 |



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