Dart Tips for British Bettors


Darts Tips for British Bettors

Darts is one of the top spectator and participation sports in the UK, so it's unsurprising there's a flourishing betting market. If you're interested in betting and UK online casinos, give our suggestions a look, and you might find something you like.


Betting on Darts at UK Online Casinos

Betting comes in a variety of shades, and if you like watching and betting on darts, you might find that top online casinos are also something you'll enjoy. Here are some of the top choices where new players can be welcomed with introductory bonuses to increase the chances of starting strong. Many slots come with sports themes, plus there's a combination of live and regular table games if you're more of a card shark than a slot jockey.

Some top casinos act as umbrella sites covering both casino and sports betting. This can be a great way for sports fans to see if a casino's up their street as both types of play can occur under the same intangible roof. Plus, if you end up getting lucky with slots, it's effortless to shift those winnings and invest the money in some darts bets.


Back Van Gerwen?

Michael van Gerwen isn't the odds-on favourite to win the next World Darts Championship. His only title victory in the last twelve months has been the non-ranking World Series event. He beat Fallon Sherrock in the final, the first time a female player has made it to a PDC TV final.

Micheal bowed out of the Grand Prix of dart in the first round. He played fellow Dutchman Danny Noppert 2-0 (sets). However, there are a couple of major TV dart events before the 2021/2022 World Darts Championships at the Alexandra Palace, London. The bookies currently make Gerwyn Price the favourite to retain his World title. However, PDC World No.2 has stated he will be in the number one sport in January 2022.

Wright is a great player and the 2020 PDC World Champion, but for some time has had a reputation of reaching the latter stages of tournaments only to fall short. He went out first round in the Grand Prix as per a few over seeds, including Gary Anderson. The double start, double finish in the Grand Prix always brings surprises, and this year was no exception.  The smart money may go on some of the new talents that have hit our screens recently. Jonny Clayton and Dimitri van den Bergh are two such players that are tipped to do well in the fourth coming PDC World Darts Championships.


Long Term Bets

Sports betting often focuses on individual contests or perhaps tournaments/titles throughout a season. But there's also an opportunity for longer-term bets. These can be tournament or victory totals or whether a given player will win a particular tournament (with or without a time limit). Such bets do necessarily mean wrapping up your money for either a long time or an indeterminate period. But they can also offer substantial value if you keep your eyes peeled. A few years ago, Lewis Hamilton was 8/1 to beat Schumacher's win record and achieve 92 victories in F1, and now he is the first driver to top 100.

It's worth noting these markets are usually available as specials or on request, but it's worth keeping your eyes peeled. An established player exceeding a standing record or a talented newcomer achieving an individual tournament or title victory offers better value. Multiple title victories are perhaps of less value as they require repeated success, increasing the chances of unforeseen circumstances (dips in form, injury, retirement) getting in the way, as well as delaying payout.


The Fallon Sherrock Effect

Even non-darts fans will have noticed the media impact of female player Fallon Sherrock. She featured prominently in sports bulletins following her success over Ted Evetts in the 2020 PDC World Darts Champions. This watershed moment marked the first time a female player had beaten a man. It hugely increased Sherrock's media profile and led to speculation regarding whether this would be the start of increasing numbers of women playing. After all, darts is a sport of skill, so there's no reason women can't compete against men.

Due to Covid restrictions, the scheduled PDC World Series was postponed but returned in a limited form in 2021. Fallon featured in a couple and was selected to play in the Nordic Master part PDC World Series. Although she has shown her capabilities on the main stage, Fallon went one step further and made it to the Final. She was beaten by Michael van Gerwen but led the match at the first interval. Her achievement is likely to book her place in the World Series Finals at the end of October.

Fallon, however, will be back in the PDC Grand Slam of Darts, having booked her place via the Women's Series in September. Fallon hopes her form will continue as she tries again to qualify for the PDC World Darts Championships.

From a betting perspective, a sudden rush of publicity can provide opportunities on the markets. When sportsmen (and sportswomen) are media darlings, whether that's for breaking new ground or being ultra-dominant or charismatic, the surplus of coverage can help to distort markets. This is a good thing for punters, as a distorted market is one where there's more value than usual. People often bet on the biggest names, driving down their price. But, like a see-saw, when one price goes down, the other must go up, and that can present value for the bettor.

Should Fallon qualify for the 2021/2022 PDC World Championships, many punters will back her, and there may be some favourable odds on the first round.


General Sports Betting Tips

Here are a couple of general tips that do apply to darts, and other sports as well. First and foremost, don't be afraid to shop around. Your relationship with your bookie is not monogamous, and you can (and should) have more than one. Odds don't diverge too heavily, but if they're a quarter-point different regularly, that really adds up over the course of a year and can be the difference between finishing in the red or in the black. You wouldn't turn down an extra 10% on your bank account interest, so why turn down an extra 10% potential return when betting?

Keep your heart in check. Fans often have favourite players, but if you let that lead your wallet, then you're destined to lose in the long term because you're thinking with the wrong organ. Use your noggin, and if you can't divorce objective analysis from supporting a player, just don't bet for (or against) them.

Darts is one of the most popular sports in the UK, combining a lively atmosphere with plenty of betting opportunities. Pair it up with online casinos, and you can bet on both cards and darts at the same site.