5 Appealing Slot Games For Darts Fans


5 Appealing Slot Games For Darts Fans

Darts is obviously a huge deal in the UK - Who doesn't love stepping up to the oche and watching a dart fly into the exact place you wanted it to go? Exactly. But did you know you can get that exact same feeling in online slot games as well?

Well you can - and we're here to give you the full lowdown with 5 great games for darts lovers. You'’’ be able to find many of these games and more on the online casinos that are independently assessed on casinosource.co.uk.

In at number 5

Dart Heroes

Dart Heroes - Stakelogic

Putting a rather unique twist on darts, Darts Heroes does exactly what it does on the tin - combines the sport of darts with superheroes. Sounds like an odd combination, but it works incredibly well!

They managed to squeeze in four big darts players - including the famous Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor. You’re going to see a lot of lasers, neon and fantastical stuff in this tournament of superhero darts players.

Gameplay wise, it’s your standard 5 reel slot machine, but with a whopping 243 different ways, you can win. You can go for wagers as low as 0.40 coins, which we don’t see often, and you can wager all the way up to 40 coins a spin. Couple this with the low volatility so you’re winning more often and a top prize of 250x your original stake, and you’re onto a winner.


Jackpot Darts

Jackpot Darts - Microgaming

Coming from industry giant Microgaming, you know this one is going to be a hit. With higher volatility and the chance to win big money, you could be walking away from this one with some serious pocket change.

Instead of reels, you throw darts at a virtual board - using the same RNG mechanics as a typical slot - and you have a great range of different bet choices you can make. These choices include whether the dart will land in a double or triple or even the bullseye. You can even bet on what the total of the three darts is going to be!

To snag the jackpot, you’re going to have to manage to land all three darts in the bullseye and make sure you wagered at least £2 on the spin. A great all round slot game for darts lovers.


Luck Darts Slots

Lucky Darts - Microgaming

Microgaming managed to make the list yet again! If you like games that have slightly more complicated mechanics that really get you involved in the action, you’ve hit the bullseye with Lucky Darts Slot.

Innovation is the name of the game here, with a contemporary twist to classical slots. The classical slot component is the 3 reels and single central payline. The contemporary part is some funky bonuses where you can double your winnings and the option to play with more paylines for more coins.


Double Top Darts - Slots

Double Top Darts - Inspired Gaming

Whilst it is a bit no frills compared to some of the newest slot games out, Double Top Darts is plain old dart slot fun. You’ve got 20 paylines over the five reels which are full of dart related symbols.

You can rack up some extra wild symbols during your free spins, which is always nice to see, and the maximum win is a cool 500x whatever you staked during that spin. Three scatter symbols on the reels triggers the free spin round, which will see you throw some virtual darts at the on screen dart board. You’ve even got a few familiar faces from the darts world in the game.

One great thing about this game is the wide range of coins you can wager - anything from a paltry 0.1 coins to 250 coins if you’ve got deep pockets and long arms. The volatility sits right in the middle at medium, meaning you should get a nice stream of consistent ‘ok’ wins. Great for some easy gameplay while watching a tournament, whether that's on tv or down the local.


Darts180 - Slots

Darts 180 - 1x2 Network

Finally, we get to our last offering - Darts 180.This game was released in 2016, and it’s been pretty high up in popularity with darts players, thanks to a few things.

The action is pretty frantic, so you need to buckle in for the ride with this one. It’s perfectly designed for mobile play as there isn;t too many moving parts, and the interface is nice and simple.

The reels are gone in Darts 180 - each spin is a throw at the board. When you’ve thrown all three of your darts, you win if you manage to score high enough and get the crowd roaring, 180 will net you 1,000x your original stake.. There’s a neat little chalkboard on the screen as well, showing your previous totals.

All in all, a neat little game that is definitely worth a try if you’re a fan of darts!